Pixie Cut Styles for Thick Hair


If you have thick hair it gives you endless options for that new pixie cut. When it comes to pixie cut styles for thick hair there is nothing that can’t be done here. Where if you had thinner hair and a lot less volume, it limits options. So lets take a look at some pixie cuts for thick hair.

Beyonce is a great example for someone who went from thick, long hair to a pixie cut. It looks amazing on her but personally I think it would look better with it’s natural color.

With this particular pixie style it can be pulled forward in the front to hang over the forehead or swept back how she has in the photo. With layers and razor cut edges it can also be styled to look messy.

beyonce style pixie cut thick hair

This is a similar style that clearly looks inspired by Beyonce’s pixie cut. As you can see here the natural hair color looks gorgeous on her and the model has comparable, if not thicker hair. This is a very classic look that feels like its out of the Art Deco Era and I think will remain timeless.

Since its not too short it allows the possibility to go shorter (think Halle Berry) but is long enough to grow into other styles to try. Its that perfect in between length.

Its a great everyday look that goes with everything but also feels classy in a nice dress. Because of the length it still has a feminine look while being shorter on the one side and is one of the more popular styles that is both professional and playful.

Smiling happy young woman isolated on white background

This is a pixie cut style for long hair but you can see how much natural thickness she has in both photos. (If this is the type of style your looking for its a perfect photo for your stylist to use.) Earlier when I mentioned that thick hair has endless possibilities for pixie cuts this is a representation of that. With this kind of thick hair you could sculpt it into any pixie cut imaginable.

with modified lengths of this particular style there is a lot you can do with it.

In another post, 7 Tips to Know Before Getting a Pixie Cut I explained that if your unsure about trying a pixie cut that going half way with a longer style gives you the opportunity to grow it back out after a few months. In the left photo, you can see how its just past her cheek bones and would look very sexy as it grows out with a messy, playful style.


This is a longer version of Beyonce’s style. You can see where its longer in the front and covers the forehead off to one side. By brushing the longer area back with some putty or pomade it would add a lot of volume to the top while being closer on the sides. That type of style would have a very “runway model” feel.

So you can see with modified lengths of this particular style there is a lot you can do with it.

One of the best things about thick hair and short pixie cuts is that you can use a lot less hair product. Depending on the style, thick hair tends to hold itself in place when its short due to the volume. Compare the exact same style with thin hair… it can fall flat and requires more product to style.

With a small amount of product in your hands it could be easily styled just by running your hand through your hair. You would be surprised how much you could do with very little.


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